Finding the Right Dentist for Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is a procedure to remove a tooth from the gum cavity. This is usually done by a general dentist, oral surgeon, or periodontist. An oral surgeon is particularly suited to tooth extraction procedures because he specializes in invasive procedures. A person's general dentist will sometimes refer them to an oral surgeon if the tooth has a problem, such as part of the root coming off when the tooth was extracted.

Another difference is that wisdom teeth are hard and often resistant to being removed easily. For many dentists, this difficulty is best resolved with sedation, and if dentists are not trained in sedation, an oral surgeon is the best candidate. However, many dentists, including the staff at Southview Dentistry, are trained and trained to remove hard wisdom teeth with minimal effort. To find out if you should choose a dentist or an oral surgeon, you should first start with this question: “Do I need a simple extraction or a surgical extraction?” If you have one or more teeth that aren't damaged and are fully visible above the gumline, this is considered a simple extraction.

A local Peoria dentist can properly and safely perform tooth extractions of this type. However, if you have one or more teeth that are damaged, diseased, or completely hidden below the gum line, you should choose an oral surgeon to perform tooth extractions like this one, as surgical means will be needed to remove them. First, the gums need to be moved away so that the dentist or oral surgeon has direct access to the jaw. Both dentists and oral surgeons can perform tooth extractions, but dentists aren't trained to extract teeth under all types of circumstances.

Tell your dentist about any medications you are taking, including over-the-counter medications, and about your medical history. When patients have a fully visible tooth above the gumline, a general dentist can properly remove it with tweezers. If the tooth abscess has progressed beyond endodontic treatment, tooth extraction may be necessary to eliminate the infection. Southview Dentistry is one of the best dentists in Charlotte for tooth extraction procedures.

They are experienced, modern and offer the latest dental procedures. Dentists can also suture the area if needed, and if there are any complications, you can call the office for advice. Once the tooth has been completely removed, the dentist will clean the now empty socket & and apply medical gauze to stop any bleeding. Some dentists can perform surgical extractions, but your general dentist may refer you to an oral surgeon with more important skills in extracting teeth.

The suction that is created in the mouth when a straw is used, even gently, can move the clot that forms in the cavity where the tooth used to be. Southview Dentistry is the place of contact for tooth extractions and any other dental treatment you may need.

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