What Type of Dentistry Involves Tooth Extraction?

An oral surgeon is the ideal professional for tooth extraction procedures, as they specialize in invasive treatments. A person's general dentist may refer them to an oral surgeon for this type of procedure. There are two main types of tooth extraction: simple and surgical. Simple tooth extraction is used to remove teeth that are visible and easily accessible, while surgical tooth extraction requires an incision in the connective tissue to access the tooth.

Simple tooth extraction is a procedure in which dental tools are used to extract the tooth. Local anesthesia is typically used for this type of extraction. During the procedure, the tooth is completely removed from its socket. People may refer to this as “pulling out a tooth”.

Oral surgeons are trained in dental surgery, which involves cutting the gums or working on the jaw. This type of professional can perform more complex procedures, such as removing an impacted tooth or placing a dental implant to replace a missing tooth. Dentists provide a variety of services, including cleanings, exams, cavity filling, and tooth extraction. It is important to visit a qualified professional for any type of dental procedure.

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