Can a Normal Dentist Perform an Extraction?

General dentists are qualified to perform both simple and complex tooth extractions. Wisdom teeth are the most common type of tooth to be extracted, but any tooth can be removed. While dentists are capable of performing extractions, there are certain circumstances where an oral surgeon is the better option. To learn more about when to choose a dentist or an oral surgeon for a tooth extraction, read on.

Simple extractions are the most common type of extraction that a general dentist will perform. This is when the tooth is visible above the gum line and can be easily removed. Most extractions fall into this category and can be done without any issues. However, if it is discovered that the tooth has a problem such as part of the root coming off during removal, then a referral to an oral surgeon may be necessary. The procedure for a tooth extraction can take place in either a dental office or in a hospital's dental clinic.

It may involve the removal of one or more teeth and antibiotics may be prescribed before the procedure. Surgical extractions are different as they involve teeth that cannot be seen or accessed easily in the mouth. These teeth may have broken at the gum line or not come out properly. Some dentists can perform surgical extractions, but your general dentist may refer you to an oral surgeon with more experience in this area. If your dentist suspects that you are at risk for any complications during the extraction, they may prescribe antibiotics before the procedure.

Tooth extractions have come a long way in recent decades and you won't spend much time in the dentist's office. The procedure usually goes smoothly. It is important to note that what one dentist will do in their office may differ from another dentist's office. Having a regular dentist perform the procedure is convenient, costs less, and may be less painful than a surgical procedure. However, if your regular dentist discovers that you need to have a wisdom tooth extracted, they may refer you to an oral surgeon for safety reasons. General dentists are also trained to perform root canal treatments and dental implant surgeries.

Many dentists, including those at Southview Dentistry, are trained to remove hard wisdom teeth with minimal effort. Dental implants are also becoming increasingly popular as a tooth replacement option.

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